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Edugion first came to mind in 2004. Our founder Mitch Zeisler was at the time working on T.H.E. Conference Calendar a listing of every educational technology event in North America, sparking the idea that this could be expanded to list events in every industry. In 2010 T.H.E. Conference Calendar folded and discussion about Edugion started. Not being “techie,” the plan sat idle until 2012 when our C.T.O. Rob Mitchell jumped aboard. However, Mitch and Rob both having commitments to their day job, Edugion remained a dream. In 2018 after a six-year hiatus, Edugion started taking shape. Within those six years, the vision of what Edugion would be matured and evolved into what it is today and what it will be in the future.

Meet The Team

Mitch Zeisler CVO

Mitch Zeisler

Founder | CVO
Sherbano Ibrahim Collegiate Liaison

Sherbano Ibrahim

Collegiate Liaison
Philip Sambo Populator

Philip Sambo

Jon Marie Acosta Populator

Jon Marie Acosta

Ryan Rodrigues Cybersecurity Intern

Ryan Rodrigues

Cybersecurity Intern
Yueting Liao Front End Design Intern

Yueting Liao

Front End Design Intern
Benjamin Libon Copywriting Intern

Benjamin Libon

Copywriting Intern
Zion Baker Communications and Media Intern

Zion Baker

Communications and Media Intern?

Why we do it?

Edugion was created as a result of the poor quality of online listing trade events (conferences, exhibitions, expositions, meetings, seminars, summits, trade shows, webinars, and workshops). Mitch realized that there was apparent disarray and countless missing features when it came to those listings. With that in mind, he understood the value that listing trade events and more as part of the trade industry could have. With that objective, it became easy to see Edugion’s educational value.

How we do it?

Edugion curates resources, including calls for proposals, events, exhibitors (companies), higher education, jobs, news, piggyback events, speakers, trade associations, trade media, and venues, to provide a comprehensive view of industry information. This information is then filtered through and searchable via the harmonized industry classification systems of CPC, HS, ISIC, NACE, and NAICS. We’ve structured Edugion around these globally respected industry classifications to establish a more appreciated and easily navigated site. You can select amongst our resources and then any or all acronyms, months, years, regions, territories, states, provinces, and countries to retrieve your desired data.

Timeline of Industry

Our world and its industries are constantly evolving. Our industry timeline goes over what our team believes are the most significant events in industrial history that led us to create Edugion.

3500 B.C

Remnants of the first wheel are found in Mesopotamia. This was revolutionary as there are no wheels like objects in nature, and needless to say, it changed this invention changed the course of history.

300 B.C.

The great library of Alexandria is created. Alexandria became known as the epicenter of knowledge, and its library held around 400,000 documents at its peak.


The imperial library of Constantinople was created. It was the last great library of the ancient world and stood for centuries after all other major libraries were destroyed.


The German Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press, enabling the amount of printed text to increase highly.


The age of Enlightenment begins.


Thomas Newcomen, an English Inventor, creats the steam engine. The Engine is used in Mining and even to distribute water supply.


The industrial revolution begins, revolutionizing countless industries, such as agriculture, textiles, transportation, and more.


The first photograph is taken in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France by Nicéphore Niépce.


Samuel Morse, the Morse code's inventor, creats a wired system, delivering electric signals enabling people to communicate. Thus creating the Telegraph.


Thomas Edison and his research team patent the first incandescent Light Bulb.


The Benz Patent-Motorwagen is created. Built with a combustion engine, it is the first car.


Guglielmo Marconi invents the radio.


The Wright brothers take the first flight.


Henry Ford sets up the first assembly line reducing the time to build a car from around half a day to around 30min.


Philo Taylor Farnsworth, a 21-year-old inventor, creats the First Television.


Apollo 11 lands on the Moon, with onboard astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.


The internet's first prototype is created, sending the first message from one computer at UCLA to another at Stamford. At the time, both computers were the size of a house.


Ray Tomlinson sends the first email. Although a lot has changed since then, his use of the @ symbol has set a standard for emails.


Motorola releases their first mobile phone weighing at the time 2.4 pounds.


MITS creates the Altair, the First personal computer.


In 1990, Archie the First Search Engine was created by a McGill University student in Montreal, Canada. Initially, Archie allowed users to look for archives more easily.


We released Edugion. After centuries of industry-changing inventions, we created Edugion in the hope of filling an existing gap in industry information and revolutionize the way we search for industry information.